Thursday, May 9, 2013

THE News.

I pondered a long detailed explanation of what's going on in life, but decided bullet points were the way to go.

  • I live alone in a four bedroom house with the Brats.

  • Dad is living alone in an apartment.

  • He needs some additional assistance due to health issues.  He's not excited about this as he is 87, works full time and is completely independent.

  • I'm 39 and pretty sure this is going to kill my love life.  Fortunately you can't kill something that doesn't exist so it's a moot point. 

  • Renovating the house to make it into an appropriate frat-style living environment for two people who like doing whatever they want whenever they want.  

  • Dad will finally have dogs again.  The Brats are particularly excited because he's a generous food donor.  Let's all hope this doesn't lead to further exploratory surgery or massive obesity.

  • He is moving in with me instead of the other sisters because, quite frankly, I'm his favorite and don't ride his ass about stuff he doesn't want to hear about.  There will be no Hallmark talking about feelings over homemade pie because that's not how Dad and I roll. Soooo if anyone wants to know his deep thoughts about anything serious call his cell.  Good luck with that.

I've decided to blog our adventures so I'm not answering 16 texts a day about how he's doing plus it will be a lovely dysfunctional scrapbook of our life.  The font is big (you know who you are) so it's an equal reading opportunity.

Exciting template pending once I finish important things, like picking out recessed lighting trim with Sandi that nobody normal ever notices but apparently can change your life.  Dad called tonight and told me to make sure we didn't get stuck with "crap upgrades" so to keep an eye on what San picks out and we could start punch-listing her work next week.  Stay tuned.